About some of our Solutions...

Sarthi is a complete IT solutions provider and one of the fastest growing companies in Rajasthan in industry. At Sarthi Systems, we are committed to matching your business with the most effective Solutions.You can and increase cash flow right away with the technologies! We can grow your business by helping businesses gain competitive advantage from cost-efficient and effective solutions. We have been serving businesses representing diverse industry verticals with quality solutions and services as a world class software development company. Below are some of our offerings:.

Software Solutions(Customized)

Our talent and personal touch will make your software grow to your needs.

# Data management and visualization applications.
# Workflow and document management applications.

# Custom trading, auction and e-commerce websites.

# Application integration with business partners .

# Migration and porting to new platforms.

# Customization and creating new functionality.

# Maintenance, including selecting and implementing monitoring tools.

# Performance audit and optimization.

# Engineered Labor Standards.

# Web Development.

# Java Development.

# NET Development.

# Eclipse Development.

# Corporate portals.

Public Address Systems

# Areas where there is a risk of explosion or fire in all sectors of industry.

# Petrochemical, pharmaceutical and plastic processing chemical plants.

# Production sites in the steel and mining industries.

# Hazardous environments such as oil platforms and refineries.

# Processing areas in power plants.

# Reliable protection of human safety, the environment and capital goods.

# Rapid, targeted and guaranteed transmission of life-saving information in all relevant zones.

# Controlled evacuation of persons and targeted guidance of rescue services.

# Simple and rapid operation, even in stressful situations, avoids errors.

# Compliance with legal regulations to protect persons in emergency situations.

# Implementation of your internal company safety, health and environmental policies.

# Automation of complex warning procedures frees up control room personnel.

# Meets the requirements of emissions protection regulations.

# Time-controlled volume reduction at night prevents nuisance noise.

# Protection of investment thanks to long product life cycle.

# Future-proof expansion options.

# Can be modified to meet future requirements.

Surveillance(CCTV) Solutions

# Class I Division cameras certified for use in hazardous areas.

# Live video and camera controls for SCADA HMI screens.

# Integration of access control, perimeter security, and process control into your video system.

# Custom video solutions for extremely demanding or unique applications.

# Transitioning legacy analog CCTV systems to IP.

# Software to correlate saved video clips to historical data.

# Solutions to stream video over very low bandwidth connections including serial.

# Tools to record control consoles to correlate operator activity with system events

Time Attendance,Access Control Systems

# Time card dashboard.

# Advanced scheduling.

# Multiple schedules per day.

# Multiple day shifts.

# Online time-sheets.

# Interactive setup assistant.

# Track absences & accruals.

# Time off notification request.

# Job costing.

# Control when & where employees clock in.

# Powerful reporting & analytics.

# Overtime management.

# Lunch & break settings.

# Role based user access levels.

# Messaging system.

# Multi language.

# Pay differential & premiums.

# Assign pay class to a shift.

# Employee self service.

# Centralized view for managers.

# Advanced exporting tool.

# Mobile with Geo locations.

# Configurable custom fields.

# Who’s in dashboard.

# Global mass entry.

# Job rates.

# Multiple pay rates by job.

# Track jobs by piece rate.

# Time card error notification.

# Manual hours allocation.

Labor Management

Labor management and workforce productivity solutions can help you identify and eliminate inefficient work processes and waste. With a cloud based LMS you can spend your time optimizing your labor resources and processes anytime, anywhere. Next View’s productivity solutions can help you realize significant productivity improvements, lower labor costs and a healthier bottom line.

# Engineered Labor Standards.

# XYZ & Travel Calculations.

# Productivity & Utilization Reporting.

# Real-time Dashboards & Charts.

# Direct & Indirect Labor Tracking.

# Labor Planning & Scheduling.

# Coaching & Mentoring.

# Observation Management.

# PF&D Tracking.

# Single & Multi-variable Standards.

WiFi/Wireless Solutions

Our solution combine the best elements of wireless and wired networking to deliver scalable, manageable, and secure WLANs with a low cost of ownership. Wireless Networks deliver an integrated end-to-end solution that addresses all layers of the WLAN, from client devices and access points, to the network infrastructure. Solutions that offer the same level of security, scalability, reliability, ease of deployment, and management that organization have come to expect from their wired LANs.

# Mobility within building or campus—Facilitates implementation of applications that require an always-on network and that tend to involve movement within a campus environment.

# Convenience—Simplifies networking of large, open people areas.

# Flexibility—Allows work to be done at the most appropriate or convenient place rather than where a cable drop terminates. Getting the work done is what is important, not where you are.

# Easier to set-up temporary spaces—Promotes quick network setup of meeting rooms, war rooms, or brainstorming rooms tailored to variations in the number of participants.

# Lower cabling costs—Reduces the requirement for contingency cable plant installation because the WLAN can be employed to fill the gaps.

# Easier adds, moves, and changes and lower support and maintenance costs—Temporary networks become much easier to set up, easing migration issues and costly last-minute fixes.

# Improved efficiency—Studies show WLAN users are connected to the network 15 percent longer per day than hard-wired users.

# Productivity gains—Promotes easier access to network connectivity, resulting in better use of business productivity tools. Productivity studies show a 22 percent increase for WLAN users.

# Easier to collaborate—Facilitates access to collaboration tools from any location, such as meeting rooms; files can be shared on the spot and requests for information handled immediately.

# More efficient use of office space—Allows greater flexibility for accommodating groups, such as large team meetings.

# Reduced errors—Data can be directly entered into systems as it is being collected, rather than when network access is available.

# Improved efficiency, performance, and security for enterprise partners and guests—Promoted by implementing guest access networks.

# Improved business resilience—Increased mobility of the workforce allows rapid redeployment to other locations with WLANs.

# Maintain accessibility to resources while employees are not wired to the network—This accessibility enables employees to respond more quickly to business needs regardless of whether they are meeting in a conference room with a customer, at lunch with coworkers in the company cafeteria, or collaborating with a teammate in the next building.

# Secure the enterprise from unauthorized, unsecured, or "rogue" WLAN access points—IT managers must be able to easily and automatically detect and locate rogue access points and the switch ports to which they are connected, active participation of both access points, and client devices that are providing continuous scanning and monitoring of the RF environment.

# Extend the full benefits of integrated network services to nomadic users—IP telephony and IP video-conferencing are supported over the WLAN using QoS, which by giving preferential treatment to real-time traffic, helps ensure that the video and audio information arrives on time. Firewall and Intruder Detection that are part of the enterprise framework are extended to the wireless user.

# Segment authorized users and block unauthorized users—Services of the wireless network can be safely extended to guests and vendors. The WLAN must be able to configure support for a separate public network—a guest network.

# Provide easy, secure network access to visiting employees from other sites—There is no need to search for an empty cubicle or an available Ethernet port. Users should securely access the network from any WLAN location. Employees are authenticated through IEEE 802.1x and Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP), and all information sent and received on the WLAN is encrypted.

# Easily manage central or remote access points—Network managers must be able to easily deploy, operate, and manage hundreds to thousands of access points within the WLAN campus deployments and branch offices or retail, manufacturing, and health care locations. The desired result is one framework that provides medium-sized to large organizations the same level of security, scalability, reliability, ease of deployment, and management that they have come to expect from their wired LANs.

# Enhanced Security Services—WLAN Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) control to contain wireless threats, enforce security policy compliance, and safeguard information.

# Voice Services—Brings the mobility and flexibility of wireless networking to voice communications via the Cisco Unified Wired and Wireless network and the Cisco Compatible Extensions voice-enabled client devices.

# Location Services — Simultaneous tracking of hundreds to thousands of Wi-Fi and active RFID devices from directly within the WLAN infrastructure for critical applications such as high-value asset tracking, IT management, location-based security, and business policy enforcement.

# Guest Access— Provides customers, vendors, and partners with easy access to a wired and wireless LANs, helps increase productivity, facilitates real-time collaboration, keeps the company competitive, and maintains full WLAN security.


Wireless Solar Infrared Electronic Fence Wireless solar infrared electronic fence which has photoelectric beam detector built in. Using solar technology, it is not only energy-saving and environmental friendly, but also safe and reliable with low maintenance cost.

# Solar powered and maintenance is simple.

# Easy installation: Wireless communication without any wiring and convenient for rapid deployment.

# Covert defense: Invaders will trigger the alarm unconsciously.

# Overall defense around: No blind area and dead corner.

# Good defense ability: Invaders can’t pass the defense area by quickly jumping, creeping or other actions for it has invisible infrared defense beam net in the area.

# Good anti-interference ability: When insects or other small animals pass the infrared defense beam net, the device will not alarm as the infrared guard beam can’t be fully blocked.

# Rigorous anti-destroyed ability: When power line or signal wire from infrared receiver side is cut, alarm signal output circuit will send out wireless alarm signals automatically.

# Can work all days: Photoelectric Beam Detector can resist adverse weather interference

Point of Sales(POS)

A computerized network operated by a main computer and linked to several checkout terminals. Inventory software programs now on the market let you track usage, monitor changes in unit dollar costs, calculate when you need to reorder, and analyze inventory levels on an item-by-item basis. You can even control inventory right at the cash register with point-of-sale (POS) software systems. POS software records each sale when it happens, so your inventory records are always up-to-date. Better still, you get much more information about the sale than you could gather with a manual system. By running reports based on this information, you can make better decisions about ordering and merchandising.

# Inventory: a Point of Sale system allows you to categorize your inventory by a number of fields for easy lookup and sorting of your merchandise. A typical inventory hierarchy would include Store, Dept., Class, Subclass, Item Description, Size, and Color. Most systems also offer extended inventory descriptions to track additional information such as alternate lookup and additional product descriptions. You can quickly search and sort your inventory to track quantity on hand and restock levels for each item in your inventory. In addition you can typically track suppliers, substitutes, aliases, and parent relationships.

# Purchasing: a Point of Sale system will help you replenish items efficiently and negotiate lower vendor costs. You can quickly generate purchase orders and add items on the fly. Purchase orders can be created for standard items as well as matrix items (size and color). Purchase orders can be tracked by order date, receive date and cancel date so you can take the appropriate action on your open orders. You will be able view what is on order and backorder at all times and print aging reports for open orders.

# Point of Sale: allows you to reduce pricing errors and speed up checkouts. A Point of Sale system enables cashiers to process transactions and serve customers efficiently, and allows managers to maintain tight control. Some of the benefits of using a system include the ability to automatically look up and sell items based on pre-set sales, quantity discount, and preferred price levels. In addition at the Point of Sale you can check availability of items on the fly and be able to support multiple tender transactions, including cash and cheque.

# Customer Relationship Management (CRM): keep a complete profile of every customer who has shopped in your store. Customer information typically includes demographics, preferences and purchase history. Using CRM features will allow you to target market and send promotions to customer based on purchasing history or other specific customer preferences.

# Reports and Analysis: a Point of Sale system will allow you to preview, search and print daily sales reports and journals by register, batch, and receipt number.

# You will be able to identify sales trends by item, style, department, and vendor. Review top performer reports for cashier, sales person, and customers. Most systems will also allow you to export reports directly into Excel, XML, CSV or your E-mail application.

# Remote Working, Vehicle Movement, Goods Movement, BOQ matching, Double Verification, Time Saving, Customized Application & many more……

EPABX,IPPBX With Video Telephone

IP PBX support superior quality video calling. No other extra hardware requirement except video cameras. When logged into the conference, users have the option of sharing their video over the web using a built or external webcam. Multiple participants and a presenter can be sharing. # Get a virtual phone number for your business & go truly mobile with your customer support # Get additional features like IVR, Call Routing, Call Recording, Detailed Call Logs & More.

# Open Source Asterisk IP PBX.

# Video Conferencing.

# Voice mail to e-mail.

# Centralized Administration.

# Web based receptionist console.

# Parallel Ringing.

# Audio Conference Bridging.

# Interactive Voice Response IVR.

# Built in Call Recording.

# Distributed Office Set up.

# Call Detail Report.

# GSM Integration.

# Voice Logger.

# Fax Support.

# No Hardware Installation & Maintenance Charges and pay for what you use.

Call Center Solutions

Ok, so the time has come and business is good. Your existing team is doing OK but a few customers are getting missed. Callers are abandoning, customers are beginning to mutter. Staff is getting flustered. Mr. John asks – is it time to set up a call centre?.

# Do we just answer the phone or do we manipulate the incoming call at all?.

# Do we get any reports from the switch or is it just shoving calls through?.

# Do we have a team design or is it just a melee on the phones?.

We very proudly introduce that now our organization has launched complete EBS (Enterprise Business Solution) in collaboration with Reliance Communications for PAN India Basis.

We are very proud to offer:

# E1-DID

# Internet Lease Line

# Internet

# SSL VPN (Virtual Private Network )


# Video Conferencing

# Office Centrex

# One Office Duo

# Audio Conferencing

# Ethernet Leased Lines

# Wireless Data VPNP2P Lease Line


# Land Line Connection, PRI, Centrex

# TOLL FREE & Audio/Video Conference Services